Welcome to Glamping RV Resorts Ltd on the shores of Buffalo Pound Lake!! From the bottom of our hearts, we greatly appreciate your trust in our program as we work towards building a premium RV & Cabin destination resort in Saskatchewan. We want you to have a fantastic, memorable time here with us, for years to come. To maximize your stay, we have compiled this onboarding package to assist with your stay. The package has been created for your convenience. It contains emergency contact numbers, processes for services, safety tips, and general information to assist in making everyone’s summer an enjoyable one. It is recommended that everyone in your group read and understand this package. You may want to store it in your RV for a quick reference guide. If you feel we have missed something, please contact me personally at cameron@glampingrvresorts.com so that we can make the required changes.

We have been working very hard over the last couple years to add amenities and grow our resort and are extremely excited for great 2022 season. We hope that this onboarding package assist you with getting acclimated with the resort and ready for a wonderful season.

Enjoy your Stay!
Cameron Wyatt

Emergency Contact Information

RCMP                                                                  911 or (306) 691-4670 (Moose Jaw Detachment)

Fire                                                                      911

Moose Jaw Hospital                                            1-888-425-1111

Campground Contact Info

Buffalo Pound Lake, Manager Phone #                   1-306-527-4202

Email                                                                         buffalopound@glampingrvresorts.com

Website                                                                     www.glampingrvresorts.com

Team Contact Information & Roles

Cameron Wyatt                      President     E: cameron@glampingrvresorts.com     M: 306-539-6324

Don Schneider                       CFO     E: don.schneider@pharosinc.com

Ashlea Street                         Sales and Leasing     E: ashlea@glampingrvresorts.com     M: 306-527-6937

Natalie Haslund                       Sales and Leasing     E: natalie@glampingrvresorts.com   M: 639-997-2995

Ross Moody                         Sales and Leasing     E: ross@glampingrvresorts.com      M: 306-230-7448

Terry Palaschak                      Construction & Maintenance     E: palaschakfarms@sasktel.net     M: 306-298-7736

Camping Season

The camping season at Buffalo Pound Lake is one of the longest ones in Saskatchewan, running from April 1st to Oct 15th – whereby you are able and permitted by RM zoning bylaws to sleep overnight in your RV. In the offseason, you can come out and check on your RV units, have a fire, enjoy some winter activities, but sleeping overnight is not allowed. We will do our best to keep the roads open so you can access your unit all year around, but please be flexible after large snowfalls to provide our team the required time to remove the snow, our priority in the winter must be providing access for the 4-season cabin owners.

Your Campsite

You are responsible for the general housekeeping of your site. It is expected that you maintain your grass area’s on your site.

As a leasee, feel free to make any improvements that do not affect the integrity of the site. It is your property for the duration of your lease and we want you to get the maximum enjoyment possible. Picnic tables, solar lights, BBQ’s, decks, 8×12 sheds, gazebo’s, flowers and personal touches have added to the enjoyment of many campers. As an owner, you have full approvals to complete any improvements to your site that you wish – as long as it follows the RM of Dufferin 190 zoning bylaws –  http://rmofdufferin190.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/ZONING-BYLAW-Bylaw.No_.11-2006-Consolidated-2015-Amended-September-2021.pdf

In both instances, you do require consent from the Condo Board on improvements, which will not be unreasonably with-held, as long as they meet the requirements in the bylaws / rules & regulations. Please submit your development plans, for approval, to buffalopound@glampingrvresorts.com.


Please address all payments for the resort to:
Northshore Lands Ltd
Box 840
Lumsden, Saskatchewan
S0G 3C0

For e-transfers, please send to nsl.ap@glampingrvresorts.com

We also now accept any major credit card for service work or lease payments.

Requesting Service Work

Please visit www.glampingrvresorts.com and click on Request service work in the footer of the website. Please fill out the required form and submit your request for fulfillment.

Once you have filled out one request, you will have an account created automatically in our client hub and can login to this space to submit any further service requests or purchase an item, just by filling out the form.

Client Hub Link:                     https://clienthub.getjobber.com/client_hubs/7a36692d-b119-4319-a62a-7c3293b81d3b/login/new?source=share_login

Please note that we have limited staff on for weekends, we require your request to be submitted on Wednesday for guaranteed Friday fulfillment on product purchases (firewood, tanks etc.). We hope that this will limit service requests on the weekends to emergencies only. Remember, it is now as simple as filling out a form and submitting it to our team.


The parking of vehicles on roadways impedes the traffic of other campers and increases the chances of damage to your vehicle. Please restrict your parking to your site. Please park extra vehicles out of the way to allow traffic and emergency vehicles access. Your sites are very large, please make appropriate arrangements for boat and other trailer parking on your site. If you require more space, please contact the resort manager to source additional storage space on the top of the valley.

Resort Communications

Facebook Page                             Please join our community Facebook page located here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/glampingrvresortsbuffalopound

Social Committee                          If you would like to join the social committee at the resort, please join their Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/307776346924046

Emails                                           We will also send out a quarterly newsletter by email and provide any important updates via email. IF YOU HAVE A SASKTEL.NET , there might be some delivery issues. The                                                                    Sasktel.net servers have blocked our system and email delivery is terrible with sasktel.net email addresses.

Site Services


Effective your move-in date, you are responsible for putting the power into your name and setting up the electrical utilities. SaskPower Phone Number – 1-888-757-6937 Please tell the agent, that you would like to transfer the power at Lot [Insert Lot#] Northshore Resort from Northshore Lands Ltd into your name. Power is the responsibility of the lessee for 12 months of the year.


Olson & Sons Septic
Kevin Olson
(306) 630-4773
1750 Stadacona Street West
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Septic Pump outs 

Olson & Sons Septic
Kevin Olson
(306) 630-4773
1750 Stadacona Street West
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Septic Tips and Hints

Please keep an eye on the level of your underground sewage tank. Accidental overflows are unsanitary and are unpleasant for you and your neighbors. Please follow your manufacture recommendations on black & grey holding tank chemical usage. Also please provide reasonable notice to have your tank emptied to avoid inconvenience. Dumping of wastewater is restricted to your tank or the dump station located at the top of the valley, near the gate entrance. Please refrain from permanently attaching (gluing) adapters to underground holding tanks. To avoid plug ups, make sure your black tank is full before releasing it into your underground tank. Do not leave your valve open on your RV as the continuous flow will plug up the unit. We also recommend using RV toilet paper only, it breaks down and does not plug up your RV tank.


There are Lorras bins located in 3 locations throughout the resort:
– 1 lakefront near the pool/beach area
– 1 in Phase #2 above the office
– 1 in Phase #3 in the triangle near Lot 112 junction
You are responsible to deliver your garbage from your site to the Lorras bins. Please dispose of garbage and ensure the lid is closed. If the bins are over full, or something is wrong – PLEASE TEXT THE BUFFALO POUND LAKE MANAGER PHONE AND NOTIFY THEM.

Resort Amenities

Washroom Buildings
There are washroom buildings located in PH #2, which will be open all summer. We are working on a different solution for locking, so that our site owners can use the washroom building 4-seasons without a chance of vandalization. In the winter 2021, our washroom building (which was open) was vandalized by non-residences. In addition, more washrooms will be built in Phase #3 as soon as we can.

1 playground located in Phase #2 with a second planned playground coming to Phase #3. When using the playground, adult supervision must be provided at all times. You are responsible for your children and the use of these facilities. We also offer an open grass park area for your enjoyment. In addition there are horseshoe pits, boccie ball pits and other facilities for you to enjoy, at your own risk and discretion.

Disc Golf
Currently located in Phase #3 around the bushed behind the future washroom building.

Beautiful beach located lakefront, with parking above the lakefront road for access. No motorized vehicles allowed down the beach walking path. If you wish to store kayaks, canoes or otherwise at the beach – there is a public kayak / canoe / paddle board stand available and you can secure the items with your own chains / locks. Free of use, please help yourself.

Boat Launch
Our boat launch is a public use launch situated past the domes on the lakefront in Phase #1. There is no fee to utilize the boat launch and parking is located above it. New signs will be installed to further clarify the directional parking that was planned.

We have marina slips available for sale at $4,500 + taxes (one-time cost), subject to change based on supplier costs. We have zero profit margin in these slips and simply pass the cost onto the purchaser from our supplier, TR Aluminum in Lumsden. You own your slip and pay an annual fee to install and remove the slips, shared amongst the entire marina owners. For instance, if it costs us $250 to install the marina (employees time, mini-hoe, etc) and there are 6 slips, then that $250 equally shared amongst the owners of the 6 slips.
If you would like a marina slip, please contact the resort manager at buffalopound@glampingrvresorts.com

Located above the beach / Lot #44, on the flat area. This will be a 20 ft x 40 ft pool that is 4 feet deep complete with a 3 season washroom building and all requirements by the Swimming Pools Regulations of 1999. More information coming on the pool when we receive it.

Nature Areas
Our location offers an abundance of common nature areas to be enjoyed by all. The cutting or disturbance of trees is NOT PERMITTED. Feel free to pick up deadfall or kindling from these areas. You may encounter some wildlife, please do not feed the wildlife. They may become dependent on you for food, and when winter comes, it may put them at risk.

General Items

Quiet Time
Quiet time is from 11pm to 8am, absolutely zero loud motorized vehicles allowed during this time period.

We have firewood available for sale at the resort. To guarantee delivery by Friday, we ask that your request is submitted by Wednesday. Firewood is $180 per 1/3rd cord bag & a $20 bag deposit.

We have steel Glamping RV Resort firepits available for sale, please submit an inquiry if you are interested.

Every year, we have the pleasure of experiencing some fantastic firework displays for Canada Day Weekend celebrations. Moving forward, the fireworks show will go directly off the beach and be directed over the water, to ensure no issues. If there is a fireban on, the fireworks show will NOT PROCEED.
Please seek approval from the resort manager prior to setting off any fireworks.

Our pets are an important part of our family and can enhance our camping experience. Please respect your neighbors by picking up after your pets (doggy doo). YOU are responsible to ensure that your pet does not negatively affect your neighbors by excessive barking, roaming free or jumping. Leaving pets unattended for extended periods of time is highly discouraged! We are obligated to follow upon complaints from fellow campers and may result in restrictions being imposed. Our goal is to provide a pleasurable experience for all our campers and guests. PLEASE REMEMBER – Not all people are pet people, please respect your neighbors.

Campfires are an essential part of everyone’s camping experience; however, they pose a risk to everyone’s safety and property when not treated with total respect. Please DO NOT have a campfire in windy conditions. Under no circumstances should a campfire be left unattended! Campfires are restricted to fire pits that will not pose a risk of getting out of control. Please keep your campfire to a reasonable size. In the event of fire bans imposed by RM of Dufferin 190, notices will be posted on our Facebook page and enforced. You are allowed to use portable propane firepits when this occurs, let’s all hope for no fire bans.
REMEMBER – If a fire gets out of control and the fire department needs to be called, that cost goes directly onto the family who’s fire caused the event. Be careful, have fun, and enjoy your campfires.

Please discard all smoking materials in proper containers or in your campfire. Improper disposal is unsightly and increases the risk of fires in the park. Improper disposal of smoking material in our nature areas and out the vehicles is prohibited. PLEASE SMOKE WITH CARE.
You are required to clean up after you are done.

Picnic Tables
We have picnic tables at the resort available for sale, but they are limited in supply. With the increased cost of lumber, we have allowed guests to also provide their own preferred picnic table. If you wish to order a picnic table, please submit a request through our website and we will send you a quote and timelines for delivery. Cost is subject to change, in 2021 they were $200/table with no stain.

Visitor & Guests
Please invite your friends, family and guests out to the resort to have a great time!

Crime Prevention & Security
Fortunately, we have experienced very few incidents at the resort. We offer a few simple tips that will help deter this sort of behavior.

RV Insurance
As per the lease agreement and condo association bylaws, you are responsible for ensuring that your RV has the proper insurance for any incidents that occur on the resort.

Golf Carts
Golf carts are permitted throughout the resort and on all valley side paths. Please use caution when operating, there are some tight, blind corners that you need to be careful on. For that reason, on the valley side paths, no-one under the age of 16 is permitted to operate without an adult in the golf cart.

ATV’s, Side by Sides & Off-Road Vehicles
Off road vehicles are only allowed on the main grid roads, ZERO VALLEY SIDE PATH’S ARE PERMITTED AND NO OFFROADING IS PERMITTED. We have had consistent mis-use of this rule in the past, and management plans to crack down on this significantly this season. Fines will be levied and this could result in eviction.

RV Maintenance & Repairs
Follow your manufacturers recommendations when winterizing your RV. For professional services, we recommend Morrow’s Marine and More in Lumsden.
Website – https://www.morrowsmarine.com/ or 306-731-3279 (EASY)

Site Development Work

Steps for Site Development Work
For an up to date process on developing your site, please view this blog post – https://glampingrvresorts.com/blog/how-to-develop-your-campsite-at-buffalo-pound/
For a full list of RM fee guide – please visit http://rmofdufferin190.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Planning-Fee-Schedule-Bylaw-2021-04.pdf

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email buffalopound@glampingrvresorts.com and we will be available to assist you!

Thank you for your trust in our resort!

Cameron Wyatt